MUSICAL DIRECTOR Gabriel Hollander is a classically trained pianist and conductor based in Brussels, Belgium. He studied piano at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (Belgium) and at the Leipziger Hochschule Für Musik und Theater (Germany) under the guidance of Daniel Blumenthal, Hans Ryckelynck, Markus Tomas and Boyan Vodenitcharov. Gabriel is a laureate of several competitions, for example Jong-Tenuto, Cantabile, Rotary Brueghel and Dexia Classics. As piano accompanist for singers, Gabriel has worked with several international singers, such as Sarah Defrise, Géraldine Naus, Marco Zelaya, Astrid Defauw, Emmanuel Junk. In 2016, he was also one of the official accompanists at the singing competition Triomphe de l’Art. Next to his piano solo, chamber music and accompaniment activities, Gabriel has also studied orchestral conducting, under the guidance of Dominique Rammaert, Rodolfo Salgimbeni, Denise Ham Toby Purser, and Kenneth Kiesler. His conducting debut was in May 2014 with the Mozart piano concerto, KV 459, with Severin von Eckardstein as the soloist. Since, he has worked with numerous orchestras and choirs, among others the VUB Players (Belgium), the Choir and Orchestra of the Minimes, the Carloo Cantores choir (Belgium), the A Chantar choir (Belgium), the Orion Orchestra in Aberystwyth (Wales), the Berlin Sinfonietta (Germany), the Pazardzhik Symphonyc Orchestra (Bulgaria) and the Michigan University Students Orchestra (USA). Since September 2017, Gabriel is the music director and principal conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Uccle. Furthermore, he also took the role as music director and principal conductor of the German Embassy Choir of Brussels and the Brussels Madrigal Singers, from September 2018.