We are always looking for interested singers with good sight-reading capabilities who can fit in musically and socially and are prepared to accept the necessary rehearsal discipline. The key word is commitment in the form of dedication and hard work. This includes regular attendance, keen attention during rehearsals and additional practice and preparation to learn parts at home. For the coming year we are especially looking for tenors.

Prospective members are invited to participate in one or two rehearsals before taking the audition before the Committee, the views of the rest of the group also being sought. You will be asked to sing the relevant part in a vocal quartet so that autonomy and ability to blend can be assessed. You may, nevertheless, be asked to wait until a vacancy occurs in the group before being accepted as a member.

Once you have been accepted into the BMS you will be provided with further information about the group's Constitution, repertoire and concert schedule. The group is self-financing and possesses a comprehensive library of vocal scores. Members are currently required to pay an annual subscription of €150 for a full year (reduced pro rata if you join part way through the year), but the Committee may be sympathetic if your resources are limited.

We are currently looking for experienced tenors with sight-reading ability to join us for rehearsals, with a view to auditioning. For more information, please contact Bernard Mills (Chairman) on 0476 397 340.